Top 5 Things to Do with a Busted Wrist

For the next gripping chapter in my busted wrist, let’s explore other things I should consider:

1.0 Engage in witty dialogue:
Joe Random: Wow! I hope you’re right handed…?
Myke: Does it look like I have any choice‽

1.1. Continue with witty dialogue:
Costco Cashier: Oh geeze, what happened to your arm?
Myke: My brother bought a couch here, and it broke my wrist.
Costco Cashier: Hahah, right.
Myke: I am not making this up.
Costco Cashier: ∗agog∗

2. Alternatives to fixing:

Thanks to @WTL for this suggestion

3. Augmentation:

But will it improve my Quake II score?

4. Give up Used-Car-Salesman Aspirations:

Seriously – who would buy anything from someone who can’t throw “The Guns”?
Or was screwing up my wrist just a deity trying tell me something?

5. Be a stunt-double for Mark Hamill in a live performance of The Empire Strikes Back.
(This will require that Option #2 be taken afterward.)

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