TIMECOOK[IV]E – Firecat Zombietaco

This batch of the TimeCookie is brought to you by the soundtrack of the Connectonominomnoms, aka, TimeCookiii #3.

Good, now we’re enjoying those melodious tones, we will continue our consumption.

Let’s start with Seven Tacos, from Seven Lives.

Spicy taco make fire!

Dan Mindel‘s fire.

Ohnose – too hot?

Those Wiener Fox Dogs are ruff.

Let’s get things in order,

Seems like a fair deal.

Maybe there’s a limit to the office supply cabinet…

I think we’re just happy we didn’t hit the glass ceiling!

.. okay, that wasn’t real

I wouldn’t lie on this subject.

The things that happen to the whiteboard…

… I don’t even…

I’m not sure I like these communal messaging systems anymore

follow confuse cadaver
shotgun through brain s
run about plague
apocalypse at dark

Oh! Maybe it wasn’t other people droning on… I’m scared now.

lawnmower drone will Cut You

Time for some change!

The Holey Quarter!

And now to pack … this show up… hmm…

Suitcase Kitty Inhibits Packing – Wants to Come For Trip

… and truck on down the road.

Road – You’re Doing It Wrong

Hrm, okay, guess we’re not going anywhere; you can play yourself out.