Connectonominomnoms: The TimeCookiii Additionally Rotates

Did you give up on another TimeCookie? One Two

Oh noes!

Rejoice! For the happy blow will be cushioned!

Hooryaaay! =D

As usual, our themes will be edible collocation…

Or beverable communicants?

Actually, we’ve upgraded our technology ’round here;

I’d love to send you a letter

And have started considering combining various forms of technomunniticatons

There’s a-couple of ideas of how to connect these remote concepts together…

Early messages seemed a bit out there though,

If you want help, you need to tell me where to look

We checked, but nothing stood out…

Wandering though this milkyway is making me hungry.

This was not the snack I was searching for

They say you should eat a little fruit every day, so little fruit should be twice as good, right?

If I did not want such a curvaceous aliment, I would need to take a stand, fight for my wants

It’s not me who needs protection

With blood on my hands from the earlier improvermentsations,

This paper thing might take off!

…it didn’t look like I had any choice…

Control-Z! Control-Z!

Their barriers were notable and assertive.

They did ask nicely.

I conquered and once again, happy messages were being consumed

Double Plus Unsad. Stop.


One Comma, Three trains of thoughtly delirious. Choo choo.

Kwantum Quitty, Is. N’t.