2019 Timecookie.

It’s not a timecookie, it’s not instant, it’s not a gram… it’s just a bunch of photos that don’t belong on my Flickr-stream, but I thought would be fun to share.

So many flashbacks in one handful.
“NFG workmanship”
Wherein I pretend to do industrial controls & electronics/electrical.
Tired of driving this dirty truck.
When the water reaches this line, follow the directions included.
Ice On the Mountain
Too Much Water
Too much packet lube.
Water Management.
Different kind of tube
They are really pretty though…
The thread is dead. Long live the thread.
This thread of CAT5E also died. Apparently not compatible with TIG welding.
Pick The Red Fibre
Wait, I’m colour-blind…
Try this.
Take your life with you.